MSWLogo 6.5b

Very simple Logo programming environment


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Very simple and straightforward interface
  • Lots of help material


  • Very limited usefulness


MSWLogo is a rare, Logo-based programming environment, originally based on LISP and intended for educational purposes.

The one big plus of Logo, however, is that as it was created for education, it's remarkably easy to learn. It's a great introduction to programming for kids or those that want to get started in programming. It's not all boring either - although graphs and charts are its main application, MSWLogo can be used to create games or programs for Windows.

The MSWLogo interface is about as basic as it gets - in fact it's a bit like using MS Basic itself. There are tons of tutorials and even video guides to get you started with Logo, so you'll be able to build your own square or graph in no time.

MSWLogo is a great way for beginners and kids to get started in programming but it's so limited and rarely used that you'll find it doesn't go very far.

MSWLogo supports the following formats




MSWLogo 6.5b

User reviews about MSWLogo

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    i love it and it is fun too it can make houses and mountain..   More

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    by Ghulam Ali

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  • Maria Carton

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    bad bad bad.
    this is the worst app I have ever seen. its terrible throughout.
    Pros: nothing
    Cons: dow...   More

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    it good.
    i like MSWL logo because it good for everyone . i love MSWL logo
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  • Bi Ve

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    No i can't.
    This is so good!I really like it!!!I think it is a good project to teach student..   More

  • by Anonymous

    i think logo is great. i like that i can write my name and draw pictures. i don't like it because it ...   More