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Very simple Logo programming environment

MSWLogo is a rare, Logo-based programming environment, originally based on LISP and intended for educational purposes.The one big plus of Logo, however, is that as it was created for education, it's remarkably easy to learn. It's a great...
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  • sanjay subedi

    by sanjay subedi

    its a very nice programming software for kids. thank you so much softonic for this free download of this software. thank you

  • shawn Zhai

    by shawn Zhai

    i love it and it is fun too it can make houses and mountain

  • Ghulam Ali

    by Ghulam Ali

    it is an interesting program for kids. they can learn more and more from it.

  • Maria Carton

    by Maria Carton

    bad bad bad. this is the worst app I have ever seen. its terrible throughout. Pros: nothing. Cons: download properly

  • Mai Đỗ

    by Mai Đỗ

    it good. i like MSWL logo because it good for everyone . i love MSWL logo. Pros: i lke play. Cons: and nothing

  • Bi Ve

    by Bi Ve

    No i can't. This is so good!I really like it!!!I think it is a good project to teach student.

  • by Anonymous

    greatness. i think logo is great. i like that i can write my name and draw pictures. i don't like it because it is picky. Pros: i like to draw. i like to have fun. i like to write my name. it is easy to use. Cons: it needs to stop being picky

  • by Anonymous

    Terrific for formula based geometric drawings then save to gif or bmp.. I used it to create formula based drawings for a patent application, rather than a CAD program or Visio. You can save the drawings as gif or bmp. Even runs on linux under WINE. The current version is old because it does what it needs to. Pros: Drawing and saving as gif or bitmap. Runs on Windows and {Linux with Wine} When you More

  • by Anonymous

    A great first experience for many into programming.. MSWLOGO provides a beautiful introduction to programming, and the fact that it is free, graphical, and enjoyable should provide children and adults with a wonderful experience. I have been teaching variants of LOGO for over 30 years, and still find it fascinating and timeless. Pros: That it is made free of charge for children around the world toMore

  • by Anonymous

    easy & interesting MSW logo. i'm SRI SAI AKSHAY of 5th std at St.Joseph's School, Malakpet, Hyderabad. I have learnt using MSW logo at my school, its very interesting & easy to learn. i'm enjoying it very much to create diagrams useful in my studies. I suggested this to my friends in other schools.

  • by Anonymous

    Very satisfactory. I have used mswlogo bothe for teaching and for my own work for 13 years. But now that i am on windows 7, i cannot get a print out from the editor and from the turtle screen. What can i do about it?

  • by Anonymous

    Very Useful. It is very useful to understand basics. I can create many wondeful diagrams from this and I can impress my computer teacher in better way. Pros: all positive points. Cons: command based